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Making a decision about your mortgage will be the single most expensive decision you will ever have to make. Strategic advice is key!

Mario Borg Strategic Finance is a boutique finance specialist firm providing strategic finance solutions for property investors, home owners and investors.

Whether you are an experienced property investor, existing home owner, or want to buy your next property, we are passionate about helping you with strategic finance advice that will save you time, money and hassle.

If you are considering purchasing a property, refinancing to access equity, or just want to ensure you have the best loan structure and most competitive home or investment loan, then we can help.

We are an award winning, industry leading professional mortgage broking firm with a passion to delivering a positive experience to our clients.

Our belief is that the right advice about your mortgage is a very important step to get ahead financially.

  • Our Awards

    Whilst we think we are the BEST Finance Strategists & Mortgage Brokers in Australia, our awards are a testament to our thoughts! We are proud to be consistently awarded top 100 MPA and Elite Business Writer.

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  • Empower Me

    If you’re ready to be empowered & inspired, check out our Potential Client checklist which explains our entry criteria & process. This list will help save you time when determining whether we can support you with your needs.

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  • Testimonials

    “I’ve learned more from Mario in the past 30 days on strategic financial moves than in more than 10 years with the bank. He has certainly earned his place as a trusted advisor status for me and for my family/network of friends.” Mr K & Mrs J Sice, Head of Technology Solutions

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