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  • Borrowing money is challenging, focus on what you can control to win

    Borrowing money should be easy right? You have a good paying job, your debts are under control, you rarely use your credit card(s), and you have clean credit history. But you’ve just been knocked back to borrow money? How can that be? Read full Story

  • Comprehensive Credit Reporting from 1 July 2018

    Back in November 2017, the Federal Government announced that it will be mandatory for the big four banks to provide Comprehensive Credit Report (CCR) effective 1 July 2018. Previously your credit file only showed your ‘bad’ credit behavior. From 1 July 2018, your credit file will show the lot… the good, the bad, and the ugly. Read full Story

  • Rentvesting as an alternative strategy

    Rentvesting is a strategy which has been used by many as an alternative method for creating wealth through property. This type of strategy has been most popular with first time property buyers, as well as those wanting to live their desired lifestyle whilst committing to creating long term wealth through the power of property. Read full Story

  • 5 rules Monopoly can teach us to win as a Property Investor

    Monopoly has been a classic board game for over a century. It’s a real estate trading game played for fun… and for a chance to be a real estate tycoon. The game rules are interesting as there are some valuable lessons all investors can learn to win at the game of property investing. Read full Story

  • The simple money

    In my daily work, a common theme I see is that people generally don’t have a good handle on their money. Money is no longer simple and most transactions are electronic with no physical exchange of cash. This could be part of the problem, however I think it’s more than that. Let me explain… Read full Story

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