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The simple money

In my daily work, a common theme I see is that people generally don't have a good handle on their money. Money is no longer simple and most transactions are electronic with no physical exchange of cash. This could be part of the problem, however I think it's more than that. Let me explain...

Bank loyalty is costing you more than you think

Depending on your age, you may recall the good old days when loyalty was a positive attribute (relating to banking) and doing business with the same bank worked in your favour. Nowadays, this is no longer the case as maintaining a home loan with the same lender for many years is costing you, irrespective of how good the deal was when you first took out the mortgage.

Is ‘The Block’ TV reality show derailing you as an Investor?

I have no doubt that you're familiar with the TV reality show The Block, hosted by Channel 9. The reality show is currently running its 14th series at a site in St Kilda, Melbourne. The show has attracted a very large audience over the years, making it a very profitable venture for the network. Has the success of The Block derailed you as a property investor?

Are Interest Only loans still your best option?

Interest rates are a hot topic right now. Up until recent times, home loan rates were identical to investment loan rates. Over the last few months, banks have been slowly increasing interest rates to the point where Interest Only (IO) loans are 1% higher than Principal & Interest (P&I) loans. With a 100 basis points price difference, one must consider whether it still makes financial sense to pay IO on your mortgage.