We take care of the entire process, saving you time and money. Our key objective is to help you secure the right finance solution with minimal disruption to your busy schedule.

Step 1 – Initial Enquiry

We discuss your finance requirements with you to determine how we can help.

Step 2 – Needs Analysis

We identify your current needs, objectives and key priorities. We also discuss your future plans to ensure our advice is congruent with your bigger picture.

Step 3 – Research

We carry in-depth research into the best possible finance solution for your specific requirements from our wide panel of lending institutions.

Step 4 – Recommendation

We pull our findings together and document our Lending Recommendation, designed to meet your specific needs. We then meet with you to discuss the details of our recommendation, which allows us to tailor or fine tune our proposed solution.

Step 5 – Implementation

We implement the agreed recommendation and manage every detail of the loan application. We keep you fully informed on the progress of your loan application right through to settlement.

Step 6 – Settlement

We liaise with all relevant parties to ensure a seamless and smooth settlement process. You are confident knowing that all facets of your loan application are being managed with the utmost care and detail, whilst being kept fully informed during each stage of the process.

Step 7 – After Care

We understand that finance is a critical step towards achieving financial freedom. Our After Care program is designed to keep you informed of market changes that may impact on your borrowing cost or your future lending plans. You have peace of mind knowing that you have a trusted contact point for regular mortgage advice and guidance throughout the different stages in your life.