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A double dose of positive news for the Melbourne property market

A double dose of positive news has been announced for the Melbourne property market that is likely to prove once again that timing the market can be costly. Last Friday Treasurer Frydenberg was vocal about proposing significant changes to responsible lender laws to make it easier for qualified borrowers to access credit. And last Sunday, Premier Andrews re-opened the Melbourne property market by allowing private inspections during stage 4 lockdown. I see both these positive announcements as "the calm before the storm"... let me explain...

A guide to smart money choices for your age group

Life is a journey - sometimes positive sometimes negative - it's certainly not a straight line. Right now many people are feeling flat, having been whacked with COVID-19 - with many feeling financial pressure like never before. It's important to keep perspective and realise that your current situation is not permanent. As humans we all share a common valuable resource - time. You have 'time' to get things back on track no matter what age. Let me explain...

7 things you can do during stage 4 lockdown

For many of us stage 4 lockdown seems like a prison sentence as we have been stripped from our freedom. During these difficult times, it's important to maintain perspective and understand that the only parts you truly have control over are your attitude, your mindset, and your actions - as the rest is out of your control. In order to get through this unprecedented event and come out of it with more focus and direction, I have come up with a list of 7 things you can do during the 6 week lockdown period. I hope it helps you in some way.

Stage 4 Lockdown – what does it mean for the Melbourne property market?

Stage 4 lockdown is here with thousands of businesses and industries adversely impacted as well as hundreds of thousands more Melburnians unemployed as a result. The question many are asking right now is how stage 4 lockdown will impact the Melbourne property market and what the rules of play are. To address this point, I want to share with you a very good blog I read this morning which addresses this question - written by Michael Yardney (Director of Metropole Property Strategists and best-selling author of 8 books).

The Homebuilder grant is positive for some, but a possible trap for others

Last month the federal government announced yet another lifeline to the tune of $688million to stimulate our economy as a result of the ongoing damage COVID19 is causing to our economy. A $25k cash grant is a reasonable handout for anyone building their new home or substantially renovating their existing home. The grant is designed to stimulate jobs for the trades and the construction industry. The question is, will this new government initiative benefit you or is it a trap for some? Here are my thoughts...

Will COVID-19 prove to be the best or worst time ever to buy residential property?

Right now you will be forgiven for thinking that the roof will cave in if you buy a residential property, as the value may plummet. After all, some headlines are currently suggesting that property prices in Australia will drop by as much as 30% (or more) resulting from COVID-19. So what do you do? It's the million dollar question isn't it? Here's what I think...

Are you paying loyalty tax to your current bank or lender?

As humans we are creatures of habit and unless something is broken, we tend to avoid paying attention to it. When it comes to your home loan, complacency can be costly. Your bank or lender usually forgets about you once your home loan has settled. The only time they'll contact you, apart from marketing, is when they learn you're about to refinance elsewhere - usually their reactive action is too late as your new lender has a much more compelling offer.

Important updates relating to COVID-19 and property-finance matters

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to make headlines around the world, property and finance related matters continue to change in light of the current pandemic we are all faced with. Change is happening so fast I felt it was timely to update you on a number of key issues relating to home loans and property finance.

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