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Are Interest Only loans still your best option?

Interest rates are a hot topic right now. Up until recent times, home loan rates were identical to investment loan rates. Over the last few months, banks have been slowly increasing interest rates to the point where Interest Only (IO) loans are 1% higher than Principal & Interest (P&I) loans. With a 100 basis points price difference, one must consider whether it still makes financial sense to pay IO on your mortgage.

Higher interest rates… Higher property prices… What’s next?

Higher interest rates... Higher property prices... What's next? The truth is, does it really matter? All these things are out of your control. BUT what you can control is your mind, and that is the only thing that will make ALL the difference between your financial position today to your financial position 10 years from now.

A game changer for investors wanting to borrow more money

Just when you thought the dust had settled, out comes another credit policy change which is a game changer, particularly for property investors. APRA is the regulator pulling the strings, with the motive to curb investor lending further. Banks and lenders have been forced to tighten up their credit policies further, which is positive for a healthy and sustainable property market.

Important facts relating to property and CGT

Capital Gains Tax was a hot topic during the recent (July 2016) federal election. When it comes to property, CGT is usually only considered by property investors as the tax only applies for investment purchases and not your owner-occupied residence. From time to time I come across clients that change "intent" during ownership of their home which then "potentially" raises the CGT issue.

My 8 step guide to help you buy with minimal risk this Spring

Spring is often referred to as the selling season when it comes to property. Traditionally the warmer weather brings out more buyers and sellers to market, making it an ideal time to buy and/or sell your property. Your priority should be to buy with minimal risk and with certainty. Here's an 8 step guide I prepared to assist you.