A Mortgage Advisor acts as an intermediary between you the consumer and the bank or lender.

The Mortgage Advisor will shop the available lenders to find the mortgage product that offers the best combination of features, options and rates to suit your individual circumstances.

The best part – depending on your credit picture – is that there is no charge to you for this service. The Mortgage Advisor’s fee is normally paid by the bank or lender for introducing the business.


With the fluctuation in interest rates of late, homeowners have become more aggressive in seeking out the best possible terms from a lender. The appeal of a Mortgage Advisor lies in the opportunity to effectively search a large segment of the mortgage market for the optimum terms, rather than negotiate personally with only one or a few lenders. As a result, the popularity of Mortgage Advisors has grown at a rapid pace.

A Mortgage Advisor can also be a good source of information and an unbiased help in wading through the myriad of options available in the mortgage industry today.

Wondering about the advantages of refinancing? Want more information on the Home Buyers’ Process? How about advice on adjustable term mortgages? Having problems getting a mortgage because you’re self-employed? Or maybe you need special help arranging financing for an investment property.

These are the kind of issues a Mortgage Advisor can help with, and usually at no cost to the buyer.


Shopping around for a mortgage can take an enormous amount of time, let alone duplication of effort and in some cases sheer frustration.
Some people make quick, hasty decisions simply because it is too difficult, and are frightened off by the horrendous amount of paperwork involved.
Others are confused by too many variables and variations of bottom-line costs. What is the “real” cost of the loan? It seems at times that access to information is limited to professionals only.
Every loan is different…tailored solutions are essential.

With hundreds of loan choices available, we’ll help you sort through the confusion to achieve the best loan solution at the most competitive interest rate.


  • Do you need a home loan, an investment loan, or an equity loan?
  • Does your existing mortgage still suit you and your needs?
  • Do you need to refinance?
  • Do you want a better deal on your mortgage and put more money back into your pocket?
  • Are you confused by all the noise, with so many lenders and so many loan products?
  • Do you want to maximise your equity position and create wealth faster?
    If any of the above applies to you then we can help.


We have access to over 28 banks and lenders, giving you choice and convenience.
Our priority is to develop simple, efficient loan strategies saving you time and money.
Our objective is to help you through the complexities of borrowing money, by providing you the most up-to-date information about all types of loans on offer.
You are kept informed throughout the entire loan process so that you are always in control.
Our point of difference is that our valued clients receive personalised reviews on an annual basis and you are kept up-to-date with relevant industry information on a regular basis.